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Wonderful, Useful Product
Wonderful, useful product. I needed something to keep my business equipment organized inside a bag that didn't have any pockets. The color coding helps me remember what's what, and which item goes where. It's durable, everything stays together.
Danette He – (3/29/2016)
These Are An Absolute Must If You Like Your Space Organized
These are an absolute must if you like your space organized. I use mine for electronic cords, travel, and art supplies. Chad – (8/10/2016)
Great For Organizing Stuff In Your Carry On!
Very handy to organize travel items! I use these a lot on the road and highly recommend them, especially to organize chargers/cables and such. Peter J. Schmidt – (3/29/2016)
Good For Traveling With Children
Good for traveling with children. Convenient to organize things for on the go activities like crayons and ear buds.
Kim – (8/10/2016)
Very Versatile And Convenient Bags
These bags are well made. I use the black one to keep my medication bottles in. The mesh makes it easy to see what is inside and the zipper makes it easy to store my meds in and easy to get out. The different colors and sizes and the clip helps me stay organized.
Megan R. – (8/10/2016)
These Are Great Little Durable Bags For Storage
These are great little durable bags for storage, easy to see what's in them, and easy to retrieve items within. Newton – (8/10/2016)
I Love Them!
These are so useful and well made, perfect for packing pencils, cables, small trinkets and such, I wish I had them much sooner! Lightweight, durable, color-coded, see-through, easy to use, just perfect! Ana – (3/29/2016)
The Pouches Are Very Functional And Has Facilitated The Carrying ...
The pouches are very functional and has facilitated the carrying of earbuds, tissues, coins, etc. that would normally clutter up a carry bag. I gave one to each of my family members and all have found the pouch handy. The material is flexible, but the zipper closure never became snagged. It appears durable and has not become damaged due to pens or other sharp or edged items placed inside. Traz – (8/10/2016)
These Are Great To Have In Back Pack When You're Digging For ...
These are great to have in back pack when you're digging for your stuff, as you can see in them. Good quality!
HG – (8/10/2016)
Great Mesh Storage Bags
I travel a lot and have tons of electronic gadgets. With these bags I was finally able to organize the cables and connectors for my Apple products, USB micro, and camera. They are much better than the ziploc bags I was using before and I can remember which color goes with which set of cables. Nancy – (3/29/2016)
Vaultz Mesh Storage Bags
The Vaultz Mesh Storage Bags have unlimited uses. I use them to hold cords, pencils and pens, puzzles, and toiletries or medicine bottles when traveling. The bags are well made and hold up well when used on a regular basis. They match the sizes stated in the description. I would recommend these bags to others. T Blue – (8/10/2016)
Works Well
I like this set of bags. I clip onto loop near top of backpack to keep items handy without the need to dig through items on bottom of backpack. Good quality, good assortment of sizes, and the cross zipper works well.
Big Daddy Roy – (3/29/2016)
Useful Little Bags
Handy. Fun. Multi purpose. What's not to like? Judi – (8/10/2016)
Nice Job
These are ideal for traveling. I ordered them to keep small electronic attachments/gadgets in, so they don't fall to the bottom of a suitcase or bag. Because they're bright, they're easy to find and the hooks are really handy. L. J. Walker – (8/10/2016)

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