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Great Space Saver
I have over 2000 movies and needed to condense all of them into binders when I moved into my new house, that many cases would have been insane to move and store. These made things so much easier and saved tons of space. Good quality, haven't had any sleeve rip when taking a movie out or putting one in. amanda debany – (8/9/2016)
DVD Miracle
These sleeves are a miracle. I hated the pre-sleeved binders for DVDs/CDs. These sleeves allow you to use as many in a folder as you like, and they fit in a regular 3 ring binder and flip so much easier that the pre-sleeved binders. I use them for my entire extensive DVD collection and got rid of the DVD plastic cases that took up so much room. Now all of my movies fit in 8 3 ring large binders rather than taking up shelf space a plenty. GET THEM! Lawrence J. Ukolowicz – (8/9/2016)
Best Bang For You Buck!
I can't say enough about these. They are well made and can stand up to the abuse for sure. I continue to order these to organize my DVD collection into binders. Bye, bye to all of those clunky plastic cases. As my collection grows, so will I continue to purchase these binder pages. I liked them so much I trashed the other brand and went with these! loverboyperez – (8/8/2016)
Great Organizational Tool For Us OCDers...
Works great! While it's not designed to do so, it will even accommodate two discs in the same sleeve (although it makes it tight and harder to flip through. This is only for those "extra" discs anyway, in my case). My favorite thing is that it's easy to reorder or add to genres or series, etc by simply putting in a new sheet. Amelia Pond – (8/9/2016)
The Disks Fit Snug And Don't Fall Out Of The Sleeves Easily.
Just what I needed to store my CDs and DVDs. The disks fit snug and don't fall out of the sleeves easily. Dan – (8/9/2016)
Great Multimedia Storage
If you have a lot of DVDs or CDs, then this is the best way to keep them clean, safe and together. Great product at a great value. Tom – (8/9/2016)
Well Made Binder Pages - Great For Organizing And Compacting Your DVD Collections.
These binder pages were just what I was expecting. They are made pretty well. I bought a large binder (a wider one since these per the dimensions are longer than the average binder) and used these to store all of my children's dvds. So much less space is used and they make it easy to take with you.
Chelle Belle – (8/9/2016)

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