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The Disks Fit Snug And Don't Fall Out Of The Sleeves Easily.
Just what I needed to store my CDs and DVDs. The disks fit snug and don't fall out of the sleeves easily. Dan – (3/31/2016)
If You Want To Save Space
I have over 1,000 DVDs (movies & television series). These pockets are a gem. I have big 3 ring binders filled with them. I throw out the DVD hard cases and just file them alphabetically in these pockets. Lawrence J. Ukolowicz – (3/31/2016)
Good DVD Storage
We were looking for a way to store alot of DVDs out of their boxes. I bought these, put them in a 81/2 & 11 zippered binder (the kind kids would use for school). The sections are small enough for the dvd to fit snuggly and can get 8 per page (4 front and 4 back). They do not slide out when carring the binder around or flipping through the pages. I put them in alphabetical order for my husband, he is thrilled. Would highly recommend these! rsrandr – (3/31/2016)
Great Organizational Tool For Us OCDers...
Works great! While it's not designed to do so, it will even accommodate two discs in the same sleeve (although it makes it tight and harder to flip through. This is only for those "extra" discs anyway, in my case). My favorite thing is that it's easy to reorder or add to genres or series, etc by simply putting in a new sheet. Amelia Pond – (3/31/2016)
Exactly What We Needed
Works perfectly for holding dvds or cds. Exactly what I needed for holding all of our dvds and/or games. Get it, you won't regret it. Johnathon – (3/31/2016)

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