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Perfect For Coupons!
I bought this box for my couponing addiction and it's perfect! Fits in the cart and after adding some index card dividers, I can easily locate every coupon when I need it. So cute and really sturdy. Rachafied – (4/28/2016)
I bought this to use for my Christmas card addresses as I was tired of buying Christmas card checklist booklets. Using this box with index cards makes it a lot easier to just write out another index card when somebody moves, never having to worry about running out of room.

It is very sturdy and lock works great. I highly recommend this product. Peanut "Kim" – (4/28/2016)
A Little Strong Box!
So sturdy and almost air tight. Great for questionably damp environments.
Barbara Fleming – (4/28/2016)
Room For 4X6 Cards AND Alpha Dividers!
holds 4X6 index or recipe cards AND has enough head room to hold the alpha dividers. You have no idea how hard it is to find a recipe box that will accommodate the full sized cards plus dividers!! This is my second box. I don't even search for others online anymore, I go straight for this specific brand because I know it has room to hold what I want it to. Wonderwoman0625 – (4/28/2016)
Super well made box! KR – (4/28/2016)
Perfect Recipe Box!
I got this for my son as he just got his first apartment and needs to fill it up. I also ordered recipe cards from Amazon and they fit perfectly. This recipe box will hold probably up to 1000 cards - I got him 100, just to start, and there is tons of room left over. I like that it has a lock so in case he moves he can lock it up and not loose any secret recipes!! It's well built - so I'm not worried about it lasting a short while. Cathie – (4/28/2016)

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