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Good Value
A great place to store all of the discs that came with the PC that you won't want to see again until something goes terribly wrong.
Small enough to file away and sturdy enough to protect your discs. Robert – (9/20/2016)
Nice Case
Very nice case... I own them in various sizes! Does a great job when it comes to protection. No complaint here.
NinaE – (9/20/2016)
Safe Storage
Bought this to go along with the Memorex Pro Gold CDRs I bought to archive my old cassettes (see that review). I need some strong to safely store them in and this fit the bill. Bug – (9/20/2016)
Perfect CD Or DVD Case For Travel!
I absolutely love Vaultz cases like this! I value my CDs and DVDs and I don't feel like soft cases offer any real protection so I am very glad to have found these. I've had a larger version of this case for at least a decade and it is still in great shape today despite almost daily use! The hard body of this case really does keep discs from getting broken when carried around or packed so I don't have to worry about ruining mine when I take them with me on trips, short or long. I got this particular 32 disc case specifically for taking DVDs with me when I go on vacation or to visit family for several days. I can up to discs of movies or tv seasons on DVD in this case and take them along so I know I'll have something to watch on a rainy day so long as there is a DVD player or I bring my laptop. It is great for traveling with my son because he wants to bring a number of shorter movies and I have no desire to bring a multitude of DVD cases. I highly recommend this or the larger Vaultz cases like it! Meredith Hopkins – (9/20/2016)
Perfect For A Mobile IT Kit
I was looking for something to throw in my car so I could have some basic IT supplies on hand (you're always on call when you are an IT guy). I was able to unstitch the two cd book things to make it one large open compartment and use one of the cd books for common CD/DVDs for computer repair. That left me with quite a bit of room for the IT supplies. works great.

usb wireless adapter
360GB external harddrive (laptop size)
Sharpie (of course)
thumbdrive with Ultimate boot disk and some added tools. UBCD is great and it lets you add your own iso boot disks.
micro usb cable
mini usb cable
all major operating system cds and a couple boot disks for random things that work best in cd format(in cd pack.) mwolfe83 – (9/20/2016)
Excellent Product. Protects Safely DVDs
Excellent product.
Protects safely DVDs.
I recommend it to everyone. Marco – (9/20/2016)

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