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This Product Worked Perfect For My Needs
This product worked perfect for my needs. I ordered an additional case and extra inserts so that I could have one case for DVD's and another for CD's. The construction is very durable.
James L. – (8/10/2016)
Excellent Space Saver & Travel Device
This case is of superb quality. I stored all of my DVDs and CDs and my wife got her shelves back. I can move my entire collection with ease.
J. Meade – (8/10/2016)
DVD Road Trip
I got this for my kids to hold their dvds in while we travel. It's great because it can slide under the seat out of the way and it keeps all the movies in order. Jan – (8/10/2016)
great product!!!I have 4 of them.since you can open the binder,you can insert things in alphabetical order which is a big plus for me.very durable and cool looking!! tabui – (8/10/2016)
I Love My Vaultz Locking Media Binder, 200 CD/DVD...
I have been looking for something like this for awhile. It's great to carry my CD Soundtracks in to church, because the little one I had just wasn't big enough. Now, I can take them all with me wherever I go. I would recommend this to anyone.
Connie Butler – (8/10/2016)

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