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Excellent CD Storage Option
This Vaultz locking single drawer CD file cabinet holds a respectable number of CDs with jewel cases. I originally purchased this with the intention of storing DVDs with cases in it and found that the shape was not optimal for that use. But the CDs fit beautifully and I feel the single drawer CD file cabinet works very well in my antique standing cabinet. Janet Lund – (9/20/2016)
Solid Storage And Protection.
This is a pretty solidly built cabinet, not flimsy at all though it is some kind of fiber board which would not be too difficult to break into with a screwdriver. The lock works well but I don't plan on using it. I would have preferred a simple latch or buckler so it could be simply transported by the handle without having to use the key.

The big plus on this unit is that the size is designed to accommodate a CD's jewel case. You'd be surprised how many storage units are designed to only fit sleeves.

It would have been nice if these were designed to stack or interlock in case I need future expansion. I use this to store software CDs for my PC so they are easy to find when I need them. I've almost filled this unit. They do make a quad unit but that would have been overkill and too large for where I'd like to put it. I've used binders with insert pages which hold a lot more and keep things organized but a lot of software comes with their serial codes affixed to the jewel case or have the kind of gatefold package that you cannot put into a page type holder. Dan Downey – (9/20/2016)
Vaultz Locking Single Drawer CD File Cabinet.
These Vaultz Locking Single Drawer CD File Cabinets,...Where exactly what I wanted. Very Satisfied ..AAA+++
chuck49727 – (9/20/2016)
Great Storage Solution
I ran out of places to store my Music CDs. They were in piles everywhere. I bought item and could not be more pleased. It is well made. heavy sturdy and looks good. Lockable storage is a nice feature as well. Holds a lot of CDs and protects them. CD Cabinet has proved to be better in person then in the pictures
and descriptions. It is heavy! jthomp2 – (9/20/2016)

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