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Meets Every Need
This file is the best system I have found for storing dvds. I have 5 of them and they make our life a lot easier in both storing and finding dvds. amie540 – (8/10/2016)
Great Storage Solution
I ran out of places to store my Music CDs. They were in piles everywhere. I bought item and could not be more pleased. It is well made. heavy sturdy and looks good. Lockable storage is a nice feature as well. Holds a lot of CDs and protects them. CD Cabinet has proved to be better in person then in the pictures
and descriptions. It is heavy! jthomp2 – (8/10/2016)
Looks Nice And Drawers Are Adjustable
I had a desk at work that would not lock, located in an area accessible by anyone at any time. This let me lock up my personal items. Rocksister – (8/10/2016)
Perfect For CD Storage.
I know everybody is nowadays going to flash keys, But, I have lots of data on CD's. Everything about this case is great. Perfect for organizing my computer desk. RICK – (8/10/2016)
StarsGot A Large DVD Collection But A Small Home? Perfect For You.
My fourth one. Well constructed and stacked in a large closet. My huge DVD collection which used to take up a dozen bookcases is now condensed to these cabinets (minus the plastic and space hogging DVD cases). Cayce Babuder – (8/10/2016)

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